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Near downtown and Leopoldstrasse forms the NuOffice ensemble a representative gateway to the booming Schwabing. This in detail environmental and employee-friendly office complex set new standards both in terms of architecture and design, as well as in terms of efficiency and ecology.

Especially for the NuOffice an energy concept was developed that already undercuts the energy goals of the government for the period until 2100, and the first phase has already been awarded the LEED Platinum certification.

Innovative social structures create new standards for a balanced and pleasant workplace for health and happiness. So, was next to the CIRCLE private health club, a creche and a wonderful kindergarten culinary reference the new NULounge.

As noble High End canteen - but family in the bright, cozy rooms on 2 levels - with excellent coffee bar and daily fresh business lunch we have one main goal - a sustainable satisfied clients!

Management, kitchen staff and the service team lead the NU Lounge especially after the Credo:

We feed your soul - because you are what you eat!

Chef Boris Varchmin, aka chef among others, the legendary gourmet restaurant * Go Silver flea * in Pähl or * Broeding * in Munich, pays special attention to natural and gentle preparation of fresh, seasonal and regional ingredients and converts tasty securely between the different culinary worlds.

He and his team warmly welcome - with wit and love for a balanced diet, tasty cuisine and a twist of modern food culture. Be happy, eat good!

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